LEGO DUPLO Stories for Amazon Alexa

Learning through play has never been more fun! With the new free LEGO® DUPLO® Stories Skill on Amazon Alexa, parents and caretakers will help their children develop their language and social skills in a creative setting.

Your toddler will experience the joy of learning through short, interactive stories involving animal play and vehicle play - using the LEGO DUPLO bricks they already own! And if your child does not have all of the pieces, that’s okay – they can use whatever they have on hand to bring the story to life.

LEGO DUPLO Stories encourage children to learn numbers and colors and developing language skills via creative play in a fun, safe atmosphere. LEGO DUPLO Stories are for kids and fans aged 2 – 5 and their parents who wish to get in touch with their childish imagination. To begin simply say “Alexa, open LEGO DUPLO Stories” when near your Alexa-device, and follow the voice prompts.

Cult Mindscape for Alexa and Google Home

Mindscape is here to help you feel better when you’re feeling anxious, stressed or experiencing a panic attack, through breathing exercises, talking together about how you're feeling, and by listening to specially-created, therapeutic soundscapes.

Through a guided analysis, speak about what is making you feel anxious, learn to moderate your thoughts and breathing, and regain control with expert tips and by listening to scientifically-developed soundscapes.

As you talk over how you’re feeling, Mindscape will offer up helpful tips and information on how to manage what’s making you feel worried, all created in collaboration with mental health charity Mind, in Haringey.

Whether you’re anxious about work, getting to sleep, student life, or many of the other worries we can all experience from time to time, Mindscape is completely free to use and available to speak to 24/7.