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Voice Masters


Voice Masters gives you access to experts in voice from around the world. A collaboration between Vixen Labs in the UK and Pragmatic Digital in the US, our online courses cover all you need to know to create a voice strategy and implement it. With a variety of online learning resources available, Voice Masters is a great way to find out more about voice and what it can do for your brand or business.

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Given in-person or online, to teams or one-to-one, our voice workshops break down what voice is, how it is being used and where we see it heading. Our interactive 101 session is regularly updated to include the latest stats and updates from the Voice tech industry, as well as providing real life examples of voice experiences. We cover the voice landscape, exploring smart speakers and beyond.



Our two-day workshops give you the opportunity to work alongside our experts as you create a year-long voice strategy for your business. We will help you to identify clear, actionable goals as you work towards defining the right voice experience for your audience. Modules include: Getting Started in Voice, Design and Development, Launching Your Experience and Measurement and Optimization. Once the classroom work is done, we’ll still be on hand for consultancy calls as your ideas become reality.

Key take-aways from Voice 101 workshop participants

My biggest take away from the workshop was the need to engage with voice activation in all my campaigns going forward and to adapt the requirement to the exact need of the listener for that exact moment of the day.

User-centric design is intrinsic to creating products that will be adopted by consumers.

Really challenging ourselves to assess that every initiative we kick off in the voice space is useful for the person at the end of the device. So many (especially brand) interactions don’t match this criteria.

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