James Poulter

CEO & Co-Founder

James Poulter (most people know him as JP) is the founder of Voice2, the UK’s leading Voice and Conversational Ai Community.

James has spearheaded a number of international conversational products including the first Alexa Skills and Google Actions, as well as the award winning chat bots programmes at The LEGO Group in his previous role as Head of The LEGO Group’s Emerging Platforms & Partnerships.

James has a decade of experience in audio production and podcasting within agencies, independent projects and commercial ventures and has a passion for the power of the spoken word and the audio medium to create empathy, drive brand awareness and create immersive experiences.

James also acts a Programme Director for the world’s premier conference on Voice Technology - Voice Summit.

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Jen Heape

CCO & Co-Founder

Describing herself as a voice evangelist, Jen’s passion lies in creating opportunities for voice and conversational technologies to affect real change in our lives, right now. She seeks to constantly push at the technological constraints of today to create bold and experimental new applications for emerging technology.

While experienced in full, end-to-end voice product delivery, Jen’s specific expertise lies in the pioneering field of voice user experience (VUX). Following more than a decade’s experience as a digital copywriter and creative director, Jen is also highly skilled in character design, tone of voice development and scriptwriting.  

Jen has a particular passion in the neuroscience behind vocal interaction. She created Mindscape, a skill combining voice technology and science-led sound therapy to offer frontline support for anxiety.


Frank Radice

Expert In Residence

Frank is a 2 time Emmy Award winning producer/director, who serves as The Expert-in-Residence at Digital Ad and Creative Agency, Definition 6, and Global Expert in Residence at ManMadeMusic, where he advises leadership and clients on marketing strategy and issues pertinent to the evolution and transformation of the broadcasting, film, cable, music, and digital industries.

Frank sits on the Advisory Boards of Observatory Pictures, Digital Hollywood, the Broadway Walk of Stars, the Williamsburg International Film Festival, and Number 7 Records. He is also an award winning songwriter, musician, author and speaker.


Romina Pankoke

VUX Designer

Romina is a lead VUX designer at Vixen Labs in the design studio team developing voice-application architecture, dialogue paths and interaction mapping.

Previously to working at Vixen, Romina has an extensive career working across digital strategy and UX having worked freelance around Germany.

Romina is a passionate advocate of the Voice First community in Germany and works from Berlin as part of the European team at Vixen Labs.

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