Vixen Labs & Pragmatic Digital team up to create Voice Masters

by | Jan 27, 2020 | Education, Partnership

Voice Masters

We’ve launched a course to help businesses capitalize on Voice technology.

Our two Voice consultancies are collaborating to host a 6-week online course teaching participants how to create an actionable strategic approach to integrating Voice.

‘Voice Masters Online’ equips businesses with the knowledge, strategy, and practical learning required to develop great Voice experiences.

Our CEO James Poulter described Voice Masters Online as

“exactly what the Voice-first ecosystem needs — actionable guidance to help industry leaders move past speculation, into discussion and creation.”

Pragmatic’s CCO Scot Westwater added:

“Right now Voice is a line item in a lot of marketing plans and most people aren’t sure what to do about it. This program will give them clarity around what they should create and the processes and frameworks to help them execute a Voice project.”

We’re delighted with the positive response we’ve received in the 12 days since we announced Voice Masters at Project Voice in Chattanooga! The first cohort launches on March 4th, 2020.

Read more about how Voice Masters AI came about on Scot’s LinkedIn post — like all good collaborations, it includes a tweet and a wedding 🧖‍♀️

The first cohort is limited to just 15 people to ensure each participant receives the optimum amount of support and feedback. Each week will feature interactive webinars and discussion with experts and fellow students via a dedicated Slack community. By the end of the 6 weeks, participants will be equipped with the resources to create actionable, meaningful Voice strategies.

“I’m incredibly excited to launch Voice Masters with our partners at Vixen Labs. Voice Masters combines our collective knowledge and experience into an informative program for marketers, strategists, and UX professionals who are seeking more in-depth learning about Voice.”

Susan Westwater, CEO of Pragmatic Digital

Our CCO Jennifer Heape said:

I’m frequently asked about which resources I’d recommend to people wanting to kick-start their expertise in Voice, improve their existing knowledge, or even pivot their career. So I’m delighted to now be able to offer a high-quality learning program that I trust to include everything someone needs to get started and thrive with voice tech.

From defining experiences and common constraints to development, launch, and optimization, Voice Masters teaches both foundational learning and industry best practice.

Suze Cooper will play an integral part in Voice Masters Online through community support.

“This course is for anyone looking to immerse themselves in high-quality learning. It’s time for businesses to capitalize on the shift to voice-first.”

If you or a colleague would like to create a Voice experience which will meet your customers’ needs and satisfy your business objectives, sign up to receive updates at

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